All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...

All Colors of Beyoğlu...


Information About City of Dortmund

  • Dortmund  is a city in Germany which is located in the Bundesland of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Its population is 579,012 (in December 2012) and this makes it the 8th largest city in Germany.
  • Dortmund is the largest city in the Ruhr Area, an urban area with some 5.2 million (2009) inhabitants which is the largest urban agglomeration in Germany. Dortmund is also a part of the larger Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region of more than 12 million people.
  • The river Ruhr flows south of the city, and the small river Emscher flows through the municipal area. The Dortmund-Ems Canal also terminates in the Dortmund Port, which is the largest European canal port, and links Dortmund to the North Sea.
  • Dortmund is known as Westphalia's "green metropolis". Nearly half the municipal territory consists of waterways, woodland, agriculture and green spaces with spacious parks such as Westfalenpark and the Rombergpark. This contrasts with nearly a hundred years of extensive coal mining and steel milling within the city limits.


Dortmund became the twin town of Beyoğlu on the 6th of February in 2009.


Within The Scope Of 1st Intercultural Art Dialogues
 1-10 June 2010, Beyoğlu/Istanbul

  • Transindustrial Mixed Exhibition: Transindustrial Mixed Exhibition realized in the Marmara Pera Art Gallery, from July 14th to August 7th, 2010 in collaboration with Dortmund and Beyoğlu Municipalities.
  • ‘A Cool Dip’ Artistic Desk Chairs Exhibition in Beyoğlu Municipal Art Gallery
  • Dortmund Transorient Orchestra Jazz Concert at Galata Tower Square Big Stage
  • Stylematics Hip-Hop Dance Performance at Galata Tower Square Big Stage


“Neo Classic Beyoğlu” Photography Exhibition
19 September 2010, Dortmund/Germany

‘Neo Classic Beyoğlu’ Photography Exhibition realized in Dortmund in collaboration with Dormund Municipality. It was opened by Mayor Demircan and Mayor Stüdemann on the 19th of September 2010 and exhibited till October 31st in Art and Culture Museum of Dortmund. Mayor of Beyoğlu Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Mayor of Dortmund Jörg Stüdemann, Consulate General of Turkey in Essen Dr. Hakan Akbulut and many German and Turkish invitees participated to the opening ceremony.

IdA Integration and Youth Exchange Project

Within the framework of the project, it is aimed to give opportunity to unwilling young people who are between 16-25 years old on having a training of a profession or on having their diplomes. Beyoglu Municipality is organising the IdA Integration Project in collaboration with Dortmund from Germany and Heerlen from Holland for 4 years and this year was the 4th year. The project which aims to give the opportunity to unwilling young people between the age of 16-25 to take part in a vocational education and training, in order to obtain a diploma, and prepare them to life in a long term. There are many projects which give the chance to go abroad and be part of a vocational training education, but not for the ones who did not had the opportunity to have any diploma. Within the scope of this project, youngsters had the chance to learn a profession, communicate with young people at their age from different countries, to participate trainings together and cooperate, and visit different countries. As a result of the project 7 camp periods realized in Kefken, 8 camp periods realized in Heerlen and 4 transnational camp periods realized in Germany and totally 19 camp periods realized so far.

Transnational Camps in Germany

Youth exchanges have been realized in different cities of Germany since 2009, every year which are funded by Youth in Action. It was realized in Dortmund in 2010, in Berlin in 2011 and 2012, and in Bremen in 2013.

Within the Scope of 2nd Intercultural Art Dialogues
10-20 June 2011, Beyoğlu/Istanbul

  • Cabaret-Comedy Show took place at Galata Tower Square Big Stage

Within The Scope of 3th Intercultural Art Dialogues
1-10 June 2012, Beyoğlu/Istanbul

  • Twin Library Agreement Between Turabibaba Library with Dortmund City and State Library has been signed on May the 31st 2012 in Beyoğlu.


The Twin Library Agreement between Turabibaba Library and Dortmund City and State Library has signed by Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan and Mayor of Dortmund Jörg Stüdemann The signing ceremony took place in Turabibaba Library within the scope of 3rd Intercultural Art Dialogues.
Thus, the two municipalities are already in cooperation in the cultural and artistic fields, now it will also include library services. Within the framework of the cooperation; mutual information, documents and experiences will be shared, common events such as conferences, seminars will be realized. In addition, both libraries will offer to its members a wider exchange of information collection through using the twin library’s sources.


Official Visit of Dortmund Delegation to Beyoğlu
1-3 June 2010, Beyoğlu/Istanbul

Mayor Dr. Jörg Stüdemann and his delegation made an official visit to Beyoğlu within the scope of Beyoğlu Municipality’s Intercultural Art Dialogues. Mayor Demircan welcomed the delegation in his office and discussed on ongoing and future cooperations. Jörg Stüdemann and Mayor Demircan participated to the opening ceremony of Intercultural Art Dialogues together.
Visit from Deputy Mayor of Dortmund Manfred Sauer to Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan
24 March 2012, Beyoğlu/Istanbul
Beyoğlu Municipality which has many twin towns and realizes various cooperations with world's leading cities within the framework of international projects, welcomed Mayor of twin town Dortmund Manfred Sauer and his delegation on the 24th of March 2012.They have discussed on their cities’ future projects and collaborations which are already in collaboration in the fields of culture, tourism, education, environment and economy. At the end of the meeting they decided that they can cooperate and enhance their collaborations on Brand Cities Academy Masters Programme of Beyoğlu Municipality, smart city implementations and tourism. They also made a decision to carry on their mutual projects in cultural activities progressively
Mayor of Dortmund and His Delegation’s Official Visit to Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan
31 May-4 June 2012, Beyoğlu/Istanbul

Within the scope of 3rd Intercultural Art Dialogues Days, Mayor of Dortmund Jörg Stüdemann and his delegation visited Mayor of Beyoğlu Ahmet Misbah Demircan from May 31st through 4th of June, 2012. During his official visit he attended the events of the festival together with Mayor Demircan. He also had the opportunity to visit art and culture centers which is located in Beyoğlu district.

Mayor of Beyoğlu Ahmet Misbah Demircan Visited Mayor of Dortmund Jörg Stüdemann  and attended the twin library signing ceremony which took place in Dortmund City and  State Library
14 September 2012, Dortmund/Germany
Mayor of Beyoğlu Ahmet Misbah Demircan was in Germany for a series of events organized in collaboration with twin-town Dortmund. They signed the twin town agreement in Dortmund as well and then two mayors opened together the Turkish books part of Dortmund Municipal State Library. Turkish books section started to give service with 4000 books.

Collaborations Within the Scope of ‘Hello Heimat’ Turkish Culture Festival
3-23 September 2012, Dortmund/Germany

  • Ara Güler’s “A Look to Istanbul” Photography Exhibition at St.Petri Church

Famous Turkish Photographer Ara Güler’s Istanbul photograhps’ exhibiton ‘‘A Look to Istanbul’’ has opened by the participation of Mayor Demircan and Mayor Stüdemann on September the 14th 2012.

  • The Opening of The Ruhr Turkish Film Festival

‘Ruhr Turkish Film Festival’ started with Zülfü Livaneli concert in Dortmund Concert Hall. Mayor Demircan hold a speech during the opening of the festival. 2000 people participated to the event. Many popular Turkish films were screened dur,ng the festival.
Jörg Stüdemann’s Offciail Visit to Beyoğlu
1-3 June 2013, Beyoğlu/Istanbul

Within the scope of 4th Intercultural Art Dialogues Days Jörg Stüdeman visited Mayor Demircan on June the 1st 2013 for being able discuss the future collaborations and also the details of library cooperations.
Dortmund City and State Library’s Visit toTwin Library Turabibaba
11-15 November, Beyoğlu/Istanbul
Dortmund City State Library became the twin library of Beyoğlu Turabibaba Municipal Library in June 2012. Mayor Demircan and the Director of Dortmund City State Llibrary signed the agreement and according to the agreement the two libraries will share their experiences and their know-how.  Beyoğlu Municipality and Dortmund Municipalities are twin town cities and the cooperation between the libraries started with their intitives.
Within the scope of this cooperation between the two libraries, an official delegation from Dortmund made an official visit to Beyoğlu from November 11th through the 15th, 2013. This visit was an opportunity for the two libraries for being able to get to know each other more and discuss their systems. This visit gave a start to the collaborations of the libraries.

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